Solo Leveling: Anime to Manga Chapter Equivalents

Solo Leveling: Anime to Manga Chapter Equivalents

Solo Leveling Anime to Manga:

This guide bridges the gap, mapping each anime episode to its corresponding manga chapter. Start reading where the anime left off and unlock a deeper level of the story!

Solo Leveling season 2 Arise from the Shadow anime trailer
EpisodesCovered ChaptersKey Events / Summary / Review / RecapWhere to readThumbnail
Episode 1Chapter 1–3 of the mangaSung Jin-Woo becomes the lone survivor in a dungeon, completing a hidden quest.
He gains the ability to level up like a game character, becoming an E-rank Solo Player.
Sung Jin-Woo can now see quest information and levels above people’s heads.
Determined to become stronger, he accepts low-level quests and rapidly grows in strength.
Sung Jin-Woo’s sudden surge in power attracts the attention of others in the Hunter world.
Read Solo Leveling Chapter 1Solo leveling episode 1
Episode 2Chapter 4–10 of the mangaSung Jin-Woo continues to accept quests and grow stronger:
Sung Jin-Woo diligently takes on low-level quests to improve his skills and gain experience points.
His relentless efforts lead to a significant increase in his strength and abilities.
Encounter with Yoo Jin-Ho:
Sung Jin-Woo meets Yoo Jin-Ho, the son of the chairman of the Hunter’s Association.
Yoo Jin-Ho recognizes Sung Jin-Woo’s potential and becomes intrigued by his abilities.
S-Rank Gate Incident:
A high-level S-rank gate appears, posing a significant threat to the city and its inhabitants.
Sung Jin-Woo, along with other high-ranked Hunters, participates in the mission to clear the gate.
Demon’s Castle Arc:
Sung Jin-Woo enters the Demon’s Castle, a high-level dungeon, to complete a challenging quest.
He faces powerful monsters and showcases his growing strength.
Awakening of the Shadow Ability:
Sung Jin-Woo’s unique power, the Shadow Ability, begins to manifest and evolve.
He gains the ability to summon and control shadows, marking a significant turning point in his abilities.
Read Solo Leveling Chapter 4Solo leveling episode 2
Episode 3Chapter 11–12 of the mangaIn Solo Leveling Episode 3, Jinwoo wakes up healed in a hospital, greeted by Korean Hunters Association members. Hopeful for a rank increase, he undergoes a mana meter test, only to score 10. Jinah, his sister, is oblivious to the System messages visible only to Jinwoo. The Hunters Association realizes their error about Jinwoo’s reawakening.
Assigned to a B-Rank Raid, Cha Hae-In gains confidence from guild leader Choi Jong-In. A mysterious gate appears in the city, awaiting hunter intervention.
Jinwoo faces a dangerous quest in a desert, surviving encounters and grasping the System’s workings. He receives a key leading to an instance dungeon at the Hapjeong Subway Station.
Entering the dungeon, Jinwoo unwittingly traps himself in another dimension. Confronted by goblins and a fierce raikan, he contemplates his next move. Solo Leveling Episode 3 delivers suspense and supernatural challenges, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next developments.
Read Solo Leveling Chapter 11Solo leveling episode 3
Episode 4Chapter 13–17 of the mangaIn Solo Leveling Episode 4, Jinwoo faces steel-fanged wolves and conquers Blue Venom-Fanged Kasaka in the instance dungeon. Armed with newfound strength, he acquires Kasaka’s Venom Fang. Exiting the dungeon, Jinwoo encounters a giant blue golem threatening hunters and civilians.
Recognizing their struggle, he anonymously aids them by effortlessly defeating the golem with a thrown sword. The hunters remain unaware of Jinwoo’s role. Solo Leveling Episode 4 delivers thrilling battles, strategic gameplay, and a mysterious aura, propelling Jinwoo’s evolving journey.
Read Solo Leveling Chapter 13Solo Leveling episode 4
Episode 5Chapter 18–20 of the mangaIn Solo Leveling Episode 5, Jinwoo diligently follows the daily quests provided by the System while continuing his training at the hospital. Nurses marvel at his well-built physique, particularly Nurse Choi Yoora, who playfully asks for his phone number.
Meanwhile, Baek Yoonho’s TV interview sheds light on the lives of hunters during their free time. Jinah, Jinwoo’s sister, watches the interview at home, surprised by her brother’s transformed appearance.
As Jinwoo increases his stats, he receives a phone call about unpaid house rent, prompting him to search for lucrative raids online to cover the bills. Solo Leveling Episode 5 explores Jinwoo’s evolving routine, blending humor, character interactions, and the financial challenges of his extraordinary life.
Read Solo Leveling Chapter 18Solo leveling episode 5
Episode 6Chapter 21–24 of the mangaIn Solo Leveling Episode 6, traitorous raid members plan to exploit a dungeon’s monstrous spider, unaware of Jinwoo’s determination. Armed with Kasaka’s Venom Fang, Jinwoo strategically defeats the powerful spider, earning levels. Jinho questions Jinwoo’s E-Rank status as they both survive the encounter.
Chairman Go showcases combat skills in a spar, and Jinwoo faces a system task to eliminate traitorous hunters, emerging victorious. The Hunters Guild representative credits Jinho’s equipment for their survival. In the evening rain, Jinwoo reflects on giving his sister an umbrella. Solo Leveling Episode 6 combines intense battles and unexpected alliances, shaping Jinwoo’s evolving journey.
Read Solo Leveling Chapter 21Solo leveling episode 6
Episode 7Chapter 25–27 of the mangaIn Solo Leveling Episode 7, after a deadly dungeon raid, Yoo Jinho approaches Sung Jinwoo, seeking alliance to form a guild. Jinho, the son of a construction tycoon, aims for Jinwoo as the leader. Despite Jinho’s persistence, Jinwoo declines, prioritizing his solo journey. Meanwhile, Hwang Dongsoo contemplates revenge for his brother’s death. The episode intertwines personal choices, family dynamics, and the evolving consequences of Jinwoo’s unique abilities, promising further intrigue in Solo Leveling’s unfolding narrative.Read Solo Leveling Chapter 25Solo leveling episode 7
Episode 8Chapter 28 of the mangaIn Solo Leveling Episode 8, Sung Jinwoo focuses on growing stronger for upcoming Demon Castle raids while caring for his unconscious mother. Yoo Jinho proposes 19 independent dungeon raids, and despite initial hesitations, Jinwoo agrees. Jinho’s father discusses guild establishment, raising Jinho’s concerns about his abilities. Yoo Beomgil introduces himself to Cha Hae-In. Jinwoo contemplates a quest for the Demon Castle key, receives a D-Rank dungeon notification, and others like Song Chi-Yul and Kim Sangshik also gear up for raids. The episode lays the groundwork for characters’ involvement in future challenges.Read Solo Leveling Chapter 28Solo leveling episode 8
Episode 9Chapter 29-34 of the mangaIn Solo Leveling Episode 9, Sung Jinwoo and his group explore a dungeon, facing goblins and making choices. The sinister intentions of hunter Kang towards prisoners lead to deadly consequences. Kim sacrifices himself, prompting a clash with Kang. Sung’s enhanced strength surprises Kang, leading to his defeat. Sung receives rewards and contemplates his newfound power. The dungeon supervisor investigates, and Sung encounters A-Rank hunter Woo. The episode ends with Joohee showing Sung an essence stone.Read Solo Leveling Chapter 29Solo leveling episode 9
Episode 10Chapter 30-37 of the mangaJuhee asks our hero on a date, expressing concern over his changed demeanor due to trauma. She’s unaware of his dark past. Despite unexpected words from her, it’s for the best as she’s emotionally unstable. Jinwoo and Jinho embark on missions, with Jinwoo effortlessly clearing dungeons while Jinho mines. Jinwoo faces suspicions about his rapid growth and association with a hunter’s death. Outside threats force him to stay vigilant. He outwits an adversary, showcasing his cunning. The episode underscores Jinwoo’s relentless pursuit of power for survival, highlighting his character growth.Read Solo Leveling Chapter 37Solo leveling episode 10
Episode 11Chapter 38-41 of the mangaJinwoo embarks on a new job quest, facing formidable knights in a dungeon. His physical transformation is evident, marking his growth from weakness to strength. Encountering Knight Commander Igris, Jinwoo faces his toughest challenge yet. Despite his confidence, Jinwoo struggles against Igris, forcing him to rely on strategy over brute force. Meanwhile, side stories delve into Yoo Jinho’s struggles with family dynamics, highlighting his loyalty to Jinwoo amidst personal challenges.Read Solo Leveling Chapter 41Solo leveling episode 11
Episode 12Chapter 42-45 of the mangaJinwoo defeats Blood-Red Commander Igris even though he was forced into a corner. Just as he was able to take a breather, a window appeared informing him of a new quest. Jinwoo, exhausted by the never-ending battle, sees vision of his former self. In order to overcome the past that was called “The Weakest Hunter of All Mankind” and to aim for a stronger version of himself, he searches for clues to conquer the Job Change Quest.Read Solo Leveling Chapter 45Solo leveling episode 12
  1. What chapters will the Solo Leveling anime cover?

    Each episode delves into 3–4 manga chapters. Below, you’ll find a list of solo leveling anime episodes, along with the corresponding manga chapters they cover and where to access them.

  2. How Many Manga Chapters Will Solo Leveling Anime Adapt?

    Solo Leveling season 1 is expected to consist of 12 episodes. Season1 will conclude around chapter 45, *SPOILER* ending in the pivotal moment where Sung witnesses his shadows for the first time and expresses his anticipation to fight alongside them.

  3. How many episodes will the Solo Leveling anime have?

    The first season of the Solo Leveling anime is anticipated to consist of 12 episodes.

EpisodesCovered ChaptersKey Events / SummaryWhere to read
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Episode 2In progressIn progressIn progress
Episode 3In progressIn progressIn progress
Episode 4In progressIn progressIn progress
Episode 5In progressIn progressIn progress
Episode 6In progressIn progressIn progress
Episode 7In progressIn progressIn progress
Episode 8In progressIn progressIn progress
Episode 9In progressIn progressIn progress
Episode 10In progressIn progressIn progress
Episode 11In progressIn progressIn progress
Episode 12In progressIn progressIn progress

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